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Create new Template

Run DataStyler Designer application.
Click on "Create blank Template" icon in the upper left corner of the application screen. Blank MS Word page will be opened.
Open XML data file. Click on "Open xml-data" icon, find and open your XML file.

Select "Embedded Data" Tab and extend all the items by clicking on "+" signs.
Select master-table element and check "Data table" radiobutton and "Create Item-tags" checkbox below, in Property Sheet.
Then drag-and-drop your template's header onto MS Word sheet.
Now let's generate PDF preview of our report by clicking on "PDF" icon in DataStyler Designer.
We will the data list consists of 2 columns, which is far from perfect so far. Let's build detail window for our report.

First, in MS Word let's add one more row below the header, highlight it and click on "Merge Cells" menu item.
In DataStyler Designer select "Embedded Data" Tab again and click on detail-table element.
In property sheet choose "Detail table" radiobutton and "Create Item-tags" checkbox.
Then drag-and-drop "ServiceRCDetail" onto recently created row.

Now we can enhance our report - add borders, modify font styles, set margins, etc. When all the changes are done, go back to DataStyler Designer and click on "PDF" icon to receive the final report.

Please note: this is a RenderX Labs beta product and your feedback can help us get it up and running.

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